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Water Damage

24/7 Water Emergency Restoration

If your Colorado home or business has recently experienced a flood, quick action is the most important step you can take it to minute dye damage. What are damage gets worse by the minute, compromising your property structure, carpets, walls and belongings. If you’re dealing with flooding, bursts or frozen pipes, water leaks or appliance overflows, Colorado Springs Emergency Restoration has the skills and personnel to quickly restore your property affordably.

Fast Action

Water damage is not something you should wait on. When exposed to excess moisture, would starts to swell, drywall begins to crumble and contents are damaged within hours. In standing water or flood situations, mold, bacteria and mildew big into quickly cause secondary damage and pose health risk. You should call a professional to begin the restoration process immediately. Calling out will minimize expense and the headache of dealing with the water damage crisis. Trust us on this one.

Water Damage Cleanup Processes

  1. After you call Colorado Springs emergency restoration, our expert teams will arrive on site to minimize water damage within 60 minutes or less.
  2. First we inspect the extent of damage to minimize future losses and to contain water.
  3. We stabilize the situation by extracting the standing water. Water in flooded basements, bathrooms, waterlogged carpet and furnishings is properly removed using high-speed, truck mounted pumps.
  4. Structural Drying removes water that has sunk into porous spaces. With large commercial size blowers, fans and dehumidifiers, we extract excess moisture quickly and effectively. Warm, dry air is recirculated back through the affected rooms to enhance evaporation of unwanted moisture.
  5. We use a variety of tracking tools to measure water removal including hygrometric analyzers, moisture detection algorithms and thermal imaging to root out moisture at the source.
  6. Damaged items are carried off site and replaced, salvageable items will be gently restored.
  7. We’ll keep your insurance company in the loop during the process and provide all documentation for expedient processing of your claim.

Why Choose Colorado Springs Emergency Restoration?

Our company has crews available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a week to assist you even after other companies have closed business doors. We can handle any sale of water damage, be it residential, commercial or civic. Our technicians are certified water removal professionals with your safety and satisfaction in mind and we design a strategy that is customized to your situation to ensure success.

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